Plundering Pirate Costume Mens Plus 48-52

Plundering Pirate Mens Pirate Costume Plus 48-52

Plundering Pirate Costume Mens Plus 48-52 Enjoy a pirate’s life in this Plundering Pirate Costume Mens Plus 48-52. Take every thing and give nothing back! That’s you’re motto as you swing from the sails, sword fight your enemies, pillage for bounty, or bake some muffins in your silky black long sleeve ruffled pirate shirt with low cut lace up v neck with greaved bottom and flared pleather lined shoulder flares. Matching black belt and boot tops with skull crossbones bandana and waist tie are included in this scally wag’s garbs. A great solution for that hero/villain party, pirate night, Halloween celebration, couples theme party, and of course baking those muffins!


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Plundering Pirate Plus 48-52

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