Now that the Internet is becoming an inevitable part of human life and we have smart gadgets in our hands, messaging is something we do almost every day. For most of us, it’s become routine. The question is what happened to the Chatstep. Chatstep was such an application that kept users all over the world connected by means of messages and calls.

Due to the rise of several new social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter, however, Chatstep has come out of the blue. For those of us who want to enjoy old-fashioned chat, here is a list of chat alternatives you can try to keep in touch.

15 best cat alternatives

1. Electrochat

Just like Chatstep, E-chat is a messaging application that keeps you in touch with your peer group. The electronic chat provides anonymous access to all users. You no longer have to worry about the security of your data. All your texts are secure thanks to our encryption technology. Enjoy transparent, user-friendly and free communication via electronic chat.

2. Grid

Mesh is another alternative for people who are afraid of losing the chattep. Mesh has an extra feature called secure chats that are protected. End-to-end encryption ensures that no other user can access your private texts. With this application you can also send messages anonymously. The application is open source and you don’t have to pay a penny to send text messages to Mesh.

3. Chatsi

Most people find advertisements in chat programs very boring. Enjoy commercial-free chat only with Chatzy. You can open the chat in any browser without any problem. Log in to Start communicating in person or in a group using some of the options Chatzy offers. The cat is simple and easy to use. You only need one device to connect and an active internet connection to chat all day long.

4. Zobe

Start anonymous communication with Zobe. All you have to do is go to Zobe’s website, create a nickname for yourself and start chatting. You can talk to almost anyone by hiding your identity on Zoba. Invite an infinite number of people to create and share a group on the topics of your choice.

5. Cat IW

This is another alternative to the cat. Just register for ChatIW by entering your details. Once you have done this, the application will automatically detect users in your neighborhood and allow you to communicate with them anonymously. Now you can renew your connections and make new friends by chatting with them on ChatIW.

6. Wardrobe

Showroom is a next generation application that takes online interaction to the next level. When using Shockroom, you can see the person you are talking to with the instant webcam option. Enjoy closer and better interaction with your groupmates by sending them messages and contacting them in the Shockroom. Enjoy free chat and video calls by signing up for Shockroom.

7. Omegle

The next on the list of chat alternatives is Omegle. It is also the best alternative for the cat in India. With Omegle, you can enjoy endless communication, video sharing and high quality video calls. Omegle allows you to communicate in complete anonymity with the people around you. Sign up for Omegle and enjoy uninterrupted communication to bring your friends and colleagues closer together. Omegle is one of the best chat alternatives for those who want to communicate anonymously.

8. Figure

Enjoy safe and secure live chat on Cyph. Cyph is a complete platform that allows you to chat online, share files and even make video calls. You do not need to download an application to access or use this platform. There is also no registration procedure. Log in from any web browser and start sending text messages with fully encrypted chat data.

9. Sparkling wine

Chatsecure is the next on our list of easy-to-use chats that have secure, encrypted privacy. You can easily create an Ana counter using your Google Account data. Enjoy unlimited texting with friends and family or start chatting with randomly selected people in existing chat rooms. You can also set up a chat room to discuss and share ideas.

10. Z Cat

Start writing messages anywhere and anytime in Z-Chat. All your chats are stored in a private database and are protected from other users. The application is easy to use and they have extensive customer support if you have problems using their application. That’s why most people prefer Z-cat as an alternative to Chat Stop.

11. Substrate Encryption

If you are looking for a chat application that encrypts all your data and keeps it secret from the outside world, Pidgin encryption is all you need. You can communicate for free on this platform and protect all your texts against spam and other users. Only persons with an authorized key have access to this data. It is easy to set up and use the interface that is preferred and appreciated by those who want to protect their data.

12. OMG Cat

This is another popular chat room that people from all over the world know and use frequently. In addition to normal chat, OMG Chat also offers video call options that make this application even more popular. You can talk to strangers and even see them without having to register regularly.

13. Crypt

The next on our list of anonymous SMS platforms is Chatcrypt. It is very easy to participate in this application. Anyone can access Chatcrypt and create a group to interact in Chatcrypt. You can create your own chat room for which you will receive a username and password. Create a closed circle of friends and make sure only those you want to be involved in the discussion. Keep your cats locked with a personal password. Your data is absolutely safe with Chatcrypt.

14. Continue to

One of the preferred alternatives for chatting is Anyone can download and use this application from any device. It has a unique interface and is not like other chat programs. You can send a message to anyone and then use the self-destruct mode to delete all your texts. This is only done to ensure maximum data protection.

15. Telegram

Telegram is one of the most popular chat platforms, together with Chatstep. The high speed live chat makes this application even more attractive. You can easily download Telegram to all your devices and create an account. Start a secret cat and set the timer so that the cat destroys itself after a certain time. Your chats and shared files are encrypted and secured with Telegram.


Now that you know the best chat alternatives, you can get back in touch with your loved ones. In the alternatives we discussed, there are many reliable applications such as Telegram and Zobe that you can control. Just make sure that the application has the end of the encryption during the chat and respects your privacy.

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