Pixel Launcher is one of the best and easiest launch systems for Android smartphones. It is a perfect launcher in all departments except the custom department, there are only a few options in the custom department. As we know, Android offers a lot of customization options such as widget applications from third parties, a grid of icons, wallpapers and much more. If you want to customize your smartphone’s home screen in a similar way to Pixel, here is a list of the 8 best alternatives to the Pixel Launcher you can use in 2021.

7 Best Pixel Launcher Alternatives that You Can Use in 2021

Best alternatives to racepixel

1. Starting the lawnmower 2

The Lawnchair 2 launcher is similar to the pixel launcher, and one of the best aspects of the Lawnchair 2 is that it has many customization options. Speaking of functions: There are basic settings for reducing the size of the desktop grid and application tray, icon package, blurred background, font editing, Sesame and Google feeds shortcuts, gestures and more. You can even change the layout of the home screen for an older version of Android.

Lawn chair 2 download (free)

2. Hyperion Starter

The Hyperion tractor is another alternative to the Pixel tractor. It was launched in 2018 as a competitor of the Nova Launcher. By default, the launcher is launched with Google Pixel, as is the layout of the start screen. Speaking of functions: Hyperion offers many theme options, you can change theme colors, tray colors, widget colors, icons and other elements. In addition to these options, you can adjust the size of the desktop grid and the menus to suit your needs. It also brings a similar animation to that of Nova Launcher. You can also download the higher version, which includes features such as custom fonts, a two-row dock, and more.

Download – Hyperion Launcher (free)

3. Microsoft Startup Program

Microsoft Launcher is another good alternative for Pixel Launcher users, because the launcher has its own ribbon page. You can keep up to date with the latest news on the news page. Speaking of other features, the Microsoft Launcher has a special dark mode, with beautiful backgrounds, customizable icons and more. One of the advantages of Microsoft Launcher is that you can also create a folder in the App tray. In addition, there are a number of useful widgets for the home screen.

Download – Microsoft Launcher (free)

4. PLC Launcher

The CPL (Customized Pixel Launcher) is similar to the Hyperion launcher. The CPL was launched at the end of 2018 and is available free of charge from the Play Store. This launcher has an option to lock the home screen, which locks your settings. In terms of functionality, this launcher has features such as adjusting the size of the grid next to the screen path settings, a set of scrolling effects, a font for changing icons, background scrolling and all the basic functions available in the Hyperion launcher.

CPL Launcher download (free)

5. New rocket

Nova Launcher is one of the most downloaded launchers in the Play Store, it needs no introduction. You can customize the home screen to your liking, every widget, icon pack and background application is compatible with this launcher. It has all the basic functions we know of the above mentioned launchers. By default it has a simple layout, similar to the old Google Now launcher, but you can configure it like the Google Pixel smartphone. You can also consult our list of the 15 best themes and frameworks for new product launches.

Nova Launcher download (free)

6. Trigger: Pixel output

Action Launcher is another famous pitcher. In 2017, the company updated the launcher to Pixel Edition, bringing a design similar to Google Pixel. Action Launcher is free, but most useful features are only available to Plus users. It also features a digital wellness widget for older Android phones, support for Android’s 10 gestures, a dark theme, an option to enlarge smart icons, covers and other basic functions.

Action Launcher download (free)

7. Rootless Pixels Starter

As we know the official pixel launcher is only available for Android 10. However, you can download the Pixel Launcher without the root system, allowing you to hijack the Pixel 4 home screen layout. Rootless Pixel Launcher is a simple, elegant, sleek and minimalist alternative to Pixel Launcher, but there are few options for adjusting the home screen. You can add Google Feeds by simply installing the plugin. See also our MOT guide on pixel launchers.

Carrotless Pixel Launcher download (free)

8. Feces

Lean Launcher is a simple pixel-based alternative to Launcher that makes small additions in terms of personalization. Start with the Look & Feel option, then there are a few more options to change the symbol, the row/column grid and other options. You can customize the search bar on the home screen. While features such as a transparent navigation bar, home screen rotation, physical animation and desktop locking are available in Lean Launcher. This is a modified version of the rootless pixel launcher. If this kit suits you, you can download it from the Play Store.

Download Lean Curtain (free)

These are the best 2021 pixel launchers you can use if you want to customize your smartphone’s home screen. Leave a comment if we forgot to mention our favorite alternative Pixel Launcher program.

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