Against All Flags Vintage Pirate Movie

Against All Flags Pirate MovieAgainst All Flags is probably my favorite vintage  pirate movie. Not only because it’s in color but it also has a great story line. Supposedly this story is based on fact but whether it is or not I cant say. However, it is quite entertaining and and Errol Flynn and Maureen O’Hara make a great duo. And yes there were women pirates, that much is certain.

The story takes place in 1700 when Madagascar was a pirate stronghold that threatened England’s trade with India

Flynn plays Brian Hawke a British officer who is  flogged, and then set adrift with two crew mates to infiltrate Libertatia the pirate stronghold.

While there, Hawke meets Spitfire Stevens played by Maureen O’Hara and of course, being an Errol Flynn movie a tempestuous romance ensues between the two.

Meanwhile, Hawke tries to locate and then destroy the pirate ports fortifications so the British can take the port.

I don’t think I will be ruining anything by telling you that Hawke delivers the port and gets the girl. After all this is Hollywood and people like happy endings.

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