The Steelseries Arctis 2019 wired gaming headset is designed for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android and iOS. In this message you can read about low volume microphones and their solutions.

The included Clear Cast certified microphone with Discord ensures studio-quality sound and suppresses background noise. There is also the spatial sound of Windows Sonic.

It is compatible with the native surround sound built into the Windows 10 PC and Xbox console.

A lecture on the subject.

The low microphone volume of the Arctis 3 Steel headset is one of the problems faced by users of these headsets.

This audio device has a mute button. It is convenient to turn them off if you are not in Skype or Google Meet or Zoom Meeting. So you can enjoy the music without worrying about the sound of the microphone.

Arctis 3 Low microphone volume

On Windows 10 you can try the following steps.

1. Right-click the speaker icon in the system tray.

2. Open the sound settings.

3. System > Open sound.

4. In the Input section, select Microphone.

5. Tap with your fingers on the micro….

6. Check your microphone below, you should see a change in the display or progress bar.

It must be going too fast along the reading line. If you see a small room moving, it means that your microphone is very low.

How to make my Arctis 3 stronger

Time required: 1 minute.

You can increase the volume of your Arctis SteelSeries with 3 microphones in Windows 10 by increasing the volume and using the microphone. In Windows 7, you can use the control panel and microphone features. Install the latest drivers and bring the microphone closer to your mouth. The ClearCast microphone can be connected to a USB sound card.

  1. Click on the Device Properties label above the audio volume display.

This should be visible in the Windows 10 Settings application. You can also use the speaker icon in the lower right corner of your computer or laptop.

  1. The volume indicator appears on the next page.

It must be clearly visible. You can simply drag the slider to the desired volume. You don’t have to set it to 100 if it’s strong. If you use a sound card, you can place it in the lower position. It depends on how low the microphone volume is.

  1. Put it at 100. You can also run a startup test to check the volume.

So you get the maximum microphone gain you can hear in your team meetings. In addition, your playmates need to hear the sound of the crystal. Check this before you start the game.

  1. This works in the latest 20H2 Windows 10 update.

In the latest Windows 10 updates, released in 2004 and October, this increase in microphone volume should be noticeable.

Solution #2 – Audio Device Management

If you are not sure if your microphone is on, you can check it here.

Click on Manage Audio Devices. You can see the Arctis 3 Mic in the input device section. Press the button to check that it is activated.

Solution #3 – Troubleshooting

You can also click this button under Check Microphone to see if the volume is high enough. The Get Help dialog opens and questions are asked automatically. An attempt is being made to find a solution quickly.

image source:

Solution #4 – Application and device volume settings

This option allows you to check if the volume is low for certain applications such as Cortana, Skype, Zoom, etc. If it is a specific application, you can increase the volume here.

Solution #5 – Using a sound card

Another way to solve this problem is to use a USB stick. Most of these headsets have the ability to connect audio connections.

Because many of them tend to amplify sound, it may be useful to make your microphone louder.

Below you can see one of the sound cards with micro USB input – Quantum QHM-623 USB sound card

For all computers/PCs/laptops.

This is an analog audio device with a built-in two-channel USB audio controller. Contains a Class B digital power amplifier inside.

Supports 3D positional sound and 5.1 CH virtual soundtrack.

Solution #6 – Make sure the microphone is in the correct position – Clearcast Microphone

Arctis 3 Clearcast Mic you must ensure that the flat side of the microphone is facing your face. Poor positioning is also one of the reasons for the low microphone volume. The microphone head should be placed near the corner of the mouth, not more than 1.5 inches away. image source:

Solution#7 – Advanced Audio Tab

Ensure good speech quality by adjusting the audio frequency setting.

Under Windows 10/Windows 8.1/Windows 7/Vista/XP, you can open the control panel and see the small icons. Then click on Sound. A small dialog box opens.

Click on the Recording tab. Select the standard Arctis 3 Mic steelworks and click Properties. Click on the Advanced button in the next pop-up window. Make sure DVD quality sound with 1 channel, 16 bit, 48000 Hz is selected.

Solution No 7.1 – Connection

Click on the Shortcut tab in the main dialog box that opened earlier. There are four options.

  1. Turn off all other sounds
  2. Reduce the volume of the other sounds by 80%.
  3. Reduce the volume of the other sounds by 50%.
  4. Don’t do anything.

Select the last radio button, click Apply and OK. Restart your computer to see if this affects the Arctis 3 of Steel’s mute microphone problem.

Solution #8 – Set the microphone level in Windows 7 to 100.

Use the same dialog as above to set the microphone level to 100. Click on the Layers tab. Then set the microphone level to 100 or enter a value in the text box.

This gives the retracted microphone a maximum sound that can be heard on the other side of the array.

Solution #9 – Replace the headset driver with a clear sound.

Sometimes Realtek sound card drivers can really cause problems. You can try the pilots of Arctis 3 Steel Mill. Download the SteelSeries engine from the following locations

This works for Windows 7 Ultimate and other versions. The size is about 158 MB. The latest version is 3.8.12. An analog audio connection can be connected in the transmission. The Arctis 3 is the only headset with analog support.

If you use Windows 10, you can use Spatial Sound. Right-click the speaker icon at the bottom > Spacious Sound > Windows Sonic for headphones.

Solution#10 – Download disco application

It is also available in the already mentioned sound engine. Download it to get the right sound.

Solution #11 – Using the Device Manager

Search for the Device Manager in the Control Panel. Touch the audio inputs and outputs.

Right click on the microphone and select Update Driver. In automatic mode, click on the Find Driver button. If the required driver is not installed or if there is an update, it will be installed.

Otherwise, click Browse Drivers on the Computer > Select from a list of drivers available on the computer. Then select the Shared Software Device option. It will probably come with Microsoft or other suitable drivers.

Sound, video and game controllers. Right-click on the headset’s audio device and remove it. Restart the computer or check for hardware changes.

This should make it possible to reinstall the drivers.

Also make sure that the pairs of earphones do not disturb each other. Gaming headsets may have buttons to mute the microphone.

So turn it off to see if the microphone volume is working. Remove the other USB headset and leave only the Arctis 3 headset connected and check.

Solution #12 – Check the volume of the SkypeMicrophone.

If you go to Settings > Skype Desktop Audio and Video, you will see that the default communication device must be your Arctis 3 microphone.

Make sure that the automatic microphone adjustment is activated.

This automatic adjustment ensures acoustic isolation with the correct sound from the microphone.

Photo credits : Skype

Solution #13 – Select optionto enter the line.

When you connect a microphone to the headset, you will be prompted to select a microphone or line. Sometimes the microphone option does not work properly, in which case you need to select the line input for a clean recording or the sound of the meeting.

Solution No 14 – Microphone characteristics

Click on the Advanced tab of this dialog box from

Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Recording > SteelSeries Headset.

In exclusive mode, disable the following two options.

1. Authorisation of applications to acquire sole control of the scheme

2. Application priority in exclusive mode

Click Apply and OK.

Also disable the AGC option in the ‘Custom’ tab if you find something like this.

Solution #15 – Connecting aUSB Headset

As mentioned before, the Arctis 3 microphone is an analog microphone. So you can connect it to a USB sound card. This results in extra properties.

Check the box in the Microphone Properties dialog box and click on the Levels tab.

For some sound cards you need to see the option to load the microphone.

You can then set a maximum level of +30 dB. However, it can cause extra noise if the sound card is not a good brand. Therefore, use this method only if the microphone has a very low noise level.

FAQ – Arctis 3 Steel Series Headset and Microphone in 2020

Is Arctis 3 good?

These headphones offer the best sound quality. The ClearCast microphone can be used in games to improve voice quality in the studio. Long 3.5 mm cables with S1 speakers. The analog type has the disadvantage that it can be converted to a USB headset using sound cards. It has a high 5-star rating on Amazon.

Here is the surround sound of Arctis 3

It creates 7.1 surround sound in Windows 10. Immersion in sound, compatibility and ease of connection for better volume control are the advantages. Ultra-low sound distortion contributes to the quality of the recording. On Windows 7 it may be necessary to connect to the SteelSeries 3 engine. You can then make the necessary adjustments. It only works with Windows. No Mac version.

To connect an Arctis 3 engine to a steel engine

Arctis 3 no longer supports the engine and you will not receive a registration code. Previously, you could register with the SteelSeries engine and connect to your gaming equipment via a single 4-pin 3.5 mm jack or two 3.5 mm jacks. If you have an old registration code, open the engine and click Audio Jack under the Gear tab.

SteelSeries Arctis 3 Low Volume PC

The volume of the Arctis 3 headset or microphone can be low for several reasons. Turn off the microphone mute button on the left earphone for better sound reproduction. Make sure that the headset microphone volume is set to 100. The helmet must also be correctly positioned at the edge of the mouth.

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