Have you ever thought about playing a game on Android or using the Android application on your PC? Well, it’s possible! Just install the Android emulator for the PC. If your PC has no special specifications, don’t worry because the emulators in this list are compatible with your system. You see, there are currently lightweight Android emulation applications on PCs or laptops with even RAM specifications starting at 1 GB.

What is the Android Emulator?

The Android emulator is a software application that allows your mobile phone to reproduce the functions of the Android operating system on your computer. Allows you to install pps on your computer (PC) or laptop and use them in source mode. This is one of the best and most famous applications that you can use if you want to play android games on your computer.

Best android emulator for Windows PC

Here is a list of some of the best lightweight emulators for playing Android games on Windows computers.

LDPE layer

If someone specifically wants to play Android games on their computer with an emulator, then this application called LDPlayer is for you. This emulator is known as the Android emulator for games

What are the advantages of LDPlayer? If you use LDPlayer as an emulator, it is fast and stable. It contains no spyware. It also has several multitasking options, such as. B. You can open multiple tabs in the same window.

LDPlayer is a safe Windows Android emulator and does not contain too many advertisements. Compared to other emulators, LDPlayer not only offers comparable performance, but also lightning-fast execution of Android games on the PC.

The minimum requirements are Windows 7, 2 or 4 GB (recommended), a 32 GB hard disk and a file size of 3 MB.

MeMU vs.

MeMU Play is specially designed to emulate Android games on PC. This is one of the best lightweight emulators for playing Android games on PC.

It is known for its multitasking nature as it allows the user to play multiple games simultaneously in different windows, and it also allows the user to customize commands with the mouse and keyboard or even gamepads.

Of all the Android emulators available in the market, MeMU Play is one of the best lightweight options you can rely on.

MeMU Play is pretty easy to use and requires minimal specifications, the PC Windows version must be 7 and +. With 2 or 4 GB RAM (recommended)


The next lightweight Android emulator is Andy, which gives users more flexibility to explore even more Android features.

This emulator has many advantages such as its interface supporting the full Android experience interface that can turn the smartphone into a controller by connecting it via Bluetooth or WiFi connections.

The required specifications for this emulator are Windows 7/8.1 or higher, Mac OSX 10.8+ or Ubuntu 14.04+. 1 to 3 GB RAM (recommended). And the file size is 871MB.


One of the best android emulators is NoxPlayer.

It is designed to play Android games on PC, so it mainly focuses on Android games, it is extremely light and easy to install.

It has many advantages because it has a clean and intuitive user interface. It is also updated regularly.

The graphics engine is one of the most powerful, and in addition it offers several control options that you can also customize to play with keyboard and mouse.

Works with Windows 7 and Plus. 2 to 3 GB RAM (recommended).


Leapdroid is one of the best emulators for Android users who want to play games on their computer.

Leapdroid has many advantages, such as. B. different types of optimization for games. To make the game run smoothly and without delays.

Leapdroid also has an impressive gaming benchmark score.

Leapdroid allows you to play two games side by side, so you can play the same game with different accounts in the same view.

Requirements only for Windows 7 and newer operating systems with at least 2 GB RAM. And the file size is only 271 MB.


AMIDuOS is also one of the famous emulators for Android users that is compatible with your Windows PC.

AMIDuOS offers relatively good performance even at low specifications.

AMIDuOS is available in two variants of the Android operating system, namely Jellybean and Lollipop, which also support 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.

This lightweight emulator has many advantages: it has a user-friendly interface and also supports multi-touch operation and zoom. So it is very convenient for those of you who have laptops with touch screens.

System requirements for Windows 7/8/8.1 operating system up to (32-bit/64-bit) / 2 GB RAM and above recommended. The file size is 226 MB.

Blue stamps 4

Everyone knows that BlueStacks is entering its 4th season. He’s derailed, isn’t he?

It is arguably the most popular and well-known application on the emulator market.

It can be said that Bluestack is the lightest emulator with excellent performance and user interface.

Of course, since this emulator has been around for a long time and gets frequent updates to improve performance, user interface, etc., it’s a good idea to use it.

The latter also has Bluestacks 4, which you can download for free from the official website, which is available in different options, such as the online installer and the offline installer.

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