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Captain Blood - Vintage Pirate MoviesCaptain Blood was the first U.S. movie made by Australian born Errol Flynn and was a box office smash. Flynn epitomized the modern swashbuckler hero – dashing, deadly with a sword, and able to send the ladies head over heels.

This is a great movie and has a good story line. Made in 1935 it may seem a bit slow moving by modern standards as you have to get half way through the movie before any real pirating begins. Never the less, the time spent laying the historical background for this tale helps make it seem more realistic.

Flynn plays Dr. Peter Blood. The time is 17th century England and the country is under the tyrannical rule of James II. Blood is unfairly convicted for tending the wounds of a known rebel and sold into slavery in the New World.

There he is bought by Arabella Bishop played by Olivia de Havilland, the niece of  Port Royal  military commander and plantation owner Colonel Bishop. Blood finds favor, thanks to Arabella, with the Governor by treating his gout. All the while though, he is planning to escape with his fellow slaves.

The story goes on from there with some interesting turns and twists and Captain Blood becomes a notorious pirate who is hunted by the authorities.

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This was one of my favorite pirate movies when I was growing up and I watched it many times. I wanted to watch it again and must admit it was very hard to find the full version online. Ironically, I found it on Youku, the Chinese version of You Tube so you will have to put up with funny writing and some Chinese commercials before the video starts. Enjoy.

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You can add this movie to your pirates treasure chest on Amazon. If you are an Amazon Prime member it’s free to stream! Errol Flynn is still the best of all time and without movies like this, movies like Pirates of The Caribbean could never have happened.

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