In this tutorial you will learn how to create a splash screen in the mobile application Flutter.

What is the home screen?

A screen saver is a screen that displays a company logo or slogan. Doesn’t someone like a blank screen when opening an application? So let’s learn how to design your mobile application professionally with Flutter professional by creating a screen saver.

Adding a set of screensavers

The good news is that we don’t really have to do much to make the screensaver appear in our mobile Flutter application. There is a special software called screen saver that allows us to quickly add basic screen saver support to our application.

Open in your Flutter project pubspec.yaml and add the splash screen package as shown in the example below.

Search: aspen:sdk : Knock spray: ^1.3.5

# The next one adds a font with Cupertino icons to your application.
# To use with the Cupertino Icons class for iOS style icons.
The symbols of Cupertino: ^1.0.0

In the example above I added version 1.3.5 of the startup screen package. Save the file pubspec.yaml and open the file main.dart.

Settings for the presentation screen

To turn your application into a screen saver with text and images, use the SplashScreen widget, which is highly customizable. Let’s first look at a small piece of code and then discuss its properties.

the _MyAppState class expands State {
widget build(BuildContext context) {
gives a new SplashScreen(
seconds: 14,
navigateAfterSeconds: new AfterSplash(),
title: new Text(‘Welcome In SplashScreen’,
style: new TextStyle(
fontSize: 20.0
image: new (‘’),
backgroundColor: Colors.white,
styleTextUnderTheLoader: new TextStyle(),
photoSize: 100.0,

We have created a simple application above that uses the SplashScreen widget with the following properties:

  • Seconds: How many seconds do you want to display the home screen?
  • NavateAfterSeconds: a widget you can use to access your screen saver Normally this application is the main screen,
  • Name: the name you want to display in the inactive screen,
  • Style: the TextStyle() widget is needed to give style to the title or any text in the screen saver,
  • Photo: The image/logo you want to display on the standby screen is mandatory. This can be done from the application’s asset file or via the internet,
  • backgroundColor: the background color you want to give to your screensaver,
  • photoSize : Image/logo format in pixels,
  • LoaderColor : Color for CircularProgressIndicator() when the home screen is active or displayed.

If you run the above example code in a device simulator, the application startup screen will look as shown in the figure below.

Sample welcome screen for beat Example full code

Below is a full example code that you can run to see how it works. The screen saver we created in this tutorial will appear on the screen.

input ‘package: flatter/material.dart’; input
‘package: splashscreen/splashscreen.dart

void main() {
runApp(new MaterialApp(
home : new MyApp(),

the MyApp class expands StatefulWidget {
_MyAppState createState() => new _MyAppState();

the _MyAppState class expands State {
widget build(BuildContext context) {
gives a new SplashScreen(
seconds : 5,
navigateAfterSeconds : new AfterSplash(),
title : new Text(
‘Welcome to the SplashScreen’,
style :
new TextStyle(fontWeight : FontWeight).bold, font size : 20,0),
image : new (‘’),
backgroundColor : Colors.white,
styleTextUnderTheLoader: new TextStyle(),
photoSize: 100.0,

the AfterSplash class expands StatelessWidget {@overrideWidget build(BuildContext context) {new Scaffold(appBar: new AppBar(title: new text(Welcome to the SplashScreen package)),automaticImplyLeading: false),body: new Center(child: new text(Done!…style:new TextStyle(fontWeight: FontWeight.bold, fontSize: 30.0),));};}.

I hope that beat was good for you. If you are interested in flutter, read the other flutter tutorials on this site. Some of them contain video courses.

Good mobile application development with Flutter!

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