• An impressive design of finesse and lightness
  • All available ports of such a notebook computer
  • Decent specifications and a choice of 16 GB RAM options
  • Reasonable price and good competition


  • The view could be a little better.
  • The trackpad is a disappointment.

In the days when laptops were a niche product because of the high cost of portability, there were few brands that made an impression, and Fujitsu was no exception. The Japanese company, best known for its incredibly expensive laptops such as the Lifebook series, has not yet finished developing a laptop. Fujitsu sent us their UH-X laptop, which is the purchase of a modern laptop, and we played with it for a while, but does the UH-X have a chance in the sea of laptops available today?

Spoiler alert: That’s all I’m saying.


The UH-X has a distinctive design, a Zen-like Japanese design language that is not exaggerated, but simple and clean enough to fit anywhere. The laptop we got had a completely white finish, which I liked, but it also had a shiny finish, which I wasn’t a fan of. But all in all, it’s certainly a nice laptop that not only looks good, but is also easy to handle. The laptop is super thin and extremely light – in fact, lighter than the ASUS ExpertBook we tested last year – and weighs 778 grams. This means you won’t feel anything when you carry this laptop, no matter what bag you carry it in.

Input/Output and Specification

For such a thin laptop, I only have one word for I/O: Solid. It’s more stable than any lightweight laptop we’ve ever seen, and it’s got it all. This makes it our favourite in/out kit we’ve seen in a laptop so far, and raises the bar for what we expect from Thin and Light.

Fujitsu UH-X Review: A Refined Thin and Light

Fujitsu UH-X Review: A Refined Thin and Light

Fujitsu UH-X Review: A Refined Thin and Light

On the left you’ll find a DC IN port, 2x USB Type C, HDMI, full-size USB 3.2 and a 3.5mm headphone/microphone jack, while on the right you’ll find a Kensington lock, full-size USB 3.2, full-size SD card reader and a LAN port. Such a thin laptop has everything for him and it’s unbelievable.

Fujitsu UH-X Review: A Refined Thin and Light

As far as the technical specifications were concerned, our version had the following features:

  • Intel 10. i7-10510U Core Generation with Intel UHD iGPU
  • 16 GB DDR4 on-board RAM | 1 TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD
  • Wi-Fi 6 support


Fujitsu UH-X Review: A Refined Thin and Light

The notebook is equipped with a 13.3 Full HD LED-backlit display and an anti-glare coating. From the specifications you see above, it’s clear that this laptop is not for people who want to do professional creative work, etc., but for consumers who want a laptop that performs performance-oriented tasks – and for that you have a nice display that doesn’t disappoint in any way. Only the brightness could be better, because it seems a bit dim under bright light.


Fujitsu UH-X Review: A Refined Thin and Light

The Intel processor at the bottom of this notebook is a U Series processor and is more efficient in terms of power consumption. Still, the processor masters all the synthetic tasks we put on the laptop. The results should give you the impression that the notebook is strongly performance oriented and only that. However, if you belong to this particular group and are looking for such a notebook, the UH-X will not disappoint you at all.

Keyboard, trackpad and security

Fujitsu UH-X Review: A Refined Thin and Light

Fujitsu UH-X Review: A Refined Thin and Light

The keyboard is a feast for the eyes: That’s because he has the right size buttons everywhere – with enter, right shift, and including the arrow key, which is our favorite. Typing on the keyboard is fun, and it’s just like any other chic keyboard, but I like the choice of captions printed on the keyboard – a font that’s not too difficult, but simple and fun to look at. It is also equipped with backlighting, allowing you to type in the dark without any problems.

Fujitsu UH-X Review: A Refined Thin and Light

The trackpad is where it gets a bit frustrating, because it has the kind of small trackpad we’ve seen on a laptop so far. However, the laptop has special buttons on the left and right side, which is probably the reason for the small size of the trackpad. However, Fujitsu could have followed the modern road and placed the keys under the trackpad.

Fujitsu UH-X Review: A Refined Thin and Light

For security reasons, the laptop is not equipped with a fingerprint sensor, but you benefit from the infrared facial recognition that scans and instantly unlocks your face.


Fujitsu UH-X Review: A Refined Thin and Light

The Fujitsu UH-X is undoubtedly a laptop that takes an amazing approach to slim and lightweight design, while offering a good keyboard layout and all the ports you’d want without having to reach for a dongle, without even having to buy one. It is a good laptop and certainly a good laptop to use, and the question of price is what it offers – the option you see in this magazine is for sale for RM 4799 (SRP: RM 5299), and you know there is another laptop in this price range like the ASUS Zenbook 13 to RM 4699.

However, if you need extra memory and RAM for your use case, the Fujitsu UH-X is the best option.

Special thanks to Fujitsu for sending the UH-X for this review.

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