One of the great truths of cyber security is that defenders must always be right, while cybercriminals can only be right once. Attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated and branched while targeting a number of potential access points with multiple tactics, techniques and procedures. On the other hand, security professionals are faced with an increasing vulnerability to surveillance, with each component being equipped with its own specific tool and generating its own flow of alerts and notifications.

This fragmented model will inevitably become unsustainable as the complexity of the protective environment increases and the threatening actors expand their arsenal. In the case of multiple attacks, a unified approach is better suited to provide the context necessary to identify individual attempts as part of a greater effort to compromise systems. The notification is still useful to draw attention to individual cases and to react quickly, but it does not give the security teams the ability to stop important operations and actually stop an ongoing attack.

In response to this growing need for a more uniform approach to safety, Cybereason® XDR announced the availability of Cybereason® for advanced detection and response. This task-based solution integrates endpoint telemetry with behavioral intelligence to enable global enterprises to quickly detect and stop attacks at endpoints, in the cloud, on mobile devices, and across the network. The launch of Cybereason XDR follows the recent announcement of Cybereason’s Tamper-Proof Guarantee, which provides up to $1 million in coverage in the event of a burglary in the Cybereason Ultimate package. The generous compensation for this anti-counterfeiting guarantee demonstrates not only Cybereason’s confidence in its product, but also its willingness to give its customers the assurance that they are protected even in the worst-case scenario.

The Cybereason XDR surpasses this advantage of the attacker and brings the defenders back to the top by extending the detection and response capabilities within the broader IT ecosystem that forms the modern business environment. With Cybereason XDR, protectors can locate, understand and stop any malicious Malop™ action across the computer stack, whether it’s a room, a mobile device or a cloud.

XDR is one of the key security trends of 2020 and provides essential support to security teams in identifying and responding to modern threats. By combining security telemetry with multiple security controls, analysts can identify and investigate threats that would otherwise be overlooked while responding more quickly, said Dave Gruber, senior analyst at ESG. Cybereason has created a powerful and scalable analysis platform capable of detecting advanced cyber threats, as demonstrated by its strong suggestions in the areas of prevention, detection and response. The expansion of the platform with the receipt of security data from a wide range of security controls demonstrates the capabilities of the platform, which are expanding as the platform supports an ever-changing threat landscape.

Andreas Schneider, ISSM at TX Group, added: Cybereason is a trusted security partner that shares our values and vision on security automation and continues to evolve with our company because we are the first flexible company that works in the cloud. We started as BDU customers – as we grew, our focus expanded beyond the end point. Cybereason XDR is ideal for the protection of endpoints, digital cloud products, legacy systems and industrial infrastructures. This approach has eliminated the noise, allowing us to focus on the essentials and use our skilled employees for strategic initiatives rather than dispelling fear.

Cybereason XDR, main characteristics :

  • Improves visibility throughout the company: Cybereason XDR integrates cloud, endpoint, network and protocol data to identify transactions or malware. The Cybereason XDR automatically detects network anomalies and can easily trace the entire attack history behind each incident. This means that the defenders never lose sight of the attacker. Once identified, you can track, analyze and correct each action.
  • Allows defenders to intercept any Malop™ instead of chasing alarms: Cybereason’s XDR system not only warns against individual attacks, it correlates all attacks and presents the information in the form of intuitive malware visualization that drastically reduces discovery and recovery times.
  • This allows a closer correlation between the two trade-off indicators (IOC) and the behavioural indicators: The Cybereason XDR detects the most subtle signs of compromise in an organization’s network.
  • Stops targeted attacks with intelligent response tools: Cybereason XDR dramatically reduces Mean Time To Response (MTTR) by automatically and manageably reducing response time with a single click from a single console across all networks without having to build complex queries, allowing analysts to work with Layer 3 on Layer 1-2.

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