Google Search Central is the new owner of Google’s website after the rebranding, which also includes a new wizard for Googlebot.

In its blog explaining the change, Google points out that the period in which webmasters expire as a result of dating and reduced usage.

Our consumer expertise survey showed that only a few professionals in the network have already established themselves as site owners. Usually they call themselves search engine optimizers (web optimizers), online marketers, bloggers, network developers or website owners, but few website owners.

The Google search in the middle also adequately displays the content under the channels of the webmaster’s head office. The name change refers to the Weblog Webmaster Central and its social network accounts.

I think this change will be just as effective for YouTube, which means that the John Muller Central webmaster meetings will grow rapidly and become Search Central meetings.

Commercial website

Examination of the process within

However, the main purpose of the content listed below under Search Engine Optimization is to help SEO professionals and website owners increase the visibility of their website in Google search results.

We start by creating content for everyone who needs to refer his or her website to Google search, whether you’re a web optimizer or not, otherwise you’re an experienced network professional.

Here are some different settings that will probably be made when the name Search Central appears in a few days.

Consolidation of Google Blogs

Google consolidates its blogs and helps with the documentation on at least one website.

All documentation on the operation of Google Search, scanning and indexing, search tips and various search-related topics will be transferred to the new Google Search Center website.

Commercial website

Examination of the process within

Google can transfer the webmaster’s central main blog and 13 different localized blogs to the new site.

In the future, all archived and new blog articles will appear on

Those who follow Google’s web blog updates don’t have to do anything to receive them. Google will forward all current RSS and e-mail subscribers to the new website URL.

Network professionals should benefit from these changes in the following way:

  • Additional recognition of related documents (supporting documentation, localised blogs, information on events on a website).
  • It is easier to switch from one language to another (it is no longer necessary to search for the URL of the localized blog).
  • A higher platform allows Google to support the content, locate your web blog for easier publishing and stream your messages.

Googlebotmascot receives Sidekick

The Googlebot mascot now appears with a crawling online help – the spin robot.

Google's webmasters have been renamed Google Search Central.

A secondary customer needs to be named and Google is currently looking for a solution.

After we first met this curious creature, we asked him: Is it really a spider? After an explanation we saw that this hybrid spiderbot can jump good distances and sees better when surrounded by an inexperienced master.

We think that the new best friend of Googlebot will be a spider of the genus Phidippus, although he seems to have the same characteristics as robots.

Commercial website

Examination of the process within

All these adjustments will be made in the coming days. Time will tell how long it takes SEO to get used to talking about Search Central as an alternative to Webmaster Central.

Delivery: Google


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