How to integrate IDM with Mozilla Firefox – In this article I will explain how to integrate IDM with Mozilla Firefox. If you have experience integrating IDM with Mozilla IDM and for example Mozilla Firefox :

How to integrate IDM in Mozilla Firefox 2021

– You cannot download IDM via Mozilla Firefox.

– IDM cannot be integrated with Firefox

– Panel does not appear when something is loaded

– IDM extensions are disabled because they are not compatible (match).

It is even good to follow the article to solve this problem. For the article you can advertise below, see right.

How to integrate IDM in Mozilla Firefox?

# 1. As you know, the Mozilla Firefox browser is updated every 6 weeks. So if you integrate IDM into Firefox, it will be updated every 6 weeks. It is therefore preferable that you already have the latest version of IDM.

# 2. Try checking the IDM settings to see if you can use the integration in Firefox. In a way:

  1. Click on the Options icon
  2. Then choose General.

How to integrate IDM with Mozilla Firefox.

If there’s a check mark, it means it can be used in Firefox. If a checklist is available, but integration is still not possible, the following options are available.

Issues with IDM extensions in Firefox

When you have just finished installing IDM or updating IDM, IDM will ask you to restart Mozilla Firefox so that your Firefox can detect the latest IDM add-on.

Next, a dialog as shown below will appear, confirming the installation of the IDM add-on in Firefox.

How to integrate IDM with Mozilla Firefox.

Pay attention: When the dialog box appears, check the box.

If your computer can’t integrate IDM with Firefox, the way you integrate IDM with Firefox may not allow you to do the things I mentioned above when you installed or updated IDM. To fix this issue, update the IDM extension in Firefox. In a way:

  1. Go to the Firefox home page
  2. Click on the add-ons / Click on the tools
  3. Then click on Add-ons.
  4. The Extras dialog box appears. Click on the tab or icon of the extension. Look for the IDM integration (Internet Download Manager integration module for Mozilla).
  5. If the integration is not yet enabled, click the Enable word and restart Firefox.

IDM extensions

It is possible that an update of Firefox 40 will bring back the Firefox add-on with the new ID. For the old add-on, IDM CC, is called the new IDM Integration.

The new add-on supports many versions of Firefox, starting with version 27. There is also an older version that only supports versions 1.5 and 26.

Pay attention: The extension happens to be IDM, which makes it easier to find two extensions at the same time in the Firefox settings.

Many problems often occur because IDM in the system registry corresponds to an older version of Firefox (e.g. Aurora, Harit, Change and Waterfox) that is already integrated and used on the computer you are using.

Or because you have two different versions of Firefox, 32-bit and 64-bit. To solve this problem, one of the fire alarm systems that is no longer in use must be removed.

And restart the IDM by opening and closing Tasks in the IDM menu. And then open a new Firefox. In this case, your old IDM extension will not appear in the Firefox settings.

However, if both extensions, the old and the new, are still present, it is sufficient to have one.

If the IDM CC extension is set manually, it can be deleted by clicking the Delete button on the right.

If the browser is running in administration mode, integration is not possible because in this case you installed Firefox via an intermediate program such as Total Commander.

More information can be found here:


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