Does it bother you that the Spotifica is open to begin with, even if it’s switched off? It happens more often than you think, and today we’re here to tell you how to stop Spotify from being on the map forever.

There are several methods you should try – but one of them will definitely help you solve your problem. We also have a solution that prevents Spotify from opening when running on both Windows 10 and Mac. No matter which operating system you are currently working with, you can shut it down quickly.

Fact is that most people like to use Spotify and don’t hesitate to open it at startup. But for those who don’t want to listen all the time or slow down their laptop (or just let it run when they want to), it can be disappointing to see that the application doesn’t follow the instructions and starts when it starts.

But fortunately there really is a way to solve the problem, and you should try all the options below to make sure you succeed.

1. Disconnect it from application settings (Windows and Mac)

Maybe you’ve tried, but if not, it’s the easiest way. Launch your Spotify application and open the application’s settings by clicking on the arrow next to your profile and selecting Settings:

Scroll down in the new window and click Show more settings. From there, scroll down a bit until you see the startup behaviour and the window options:

Click here and select No. Otherwise, Spotify will start when Windows is resized or expanded, depending on the option you choose.

2. Applications for controlling Windows

If Spotify is still running on boot, even if it is turned off, you can easily prevent this by telling Windows itself not to boot. It’s just as easy to do. Here’s the thing:

First, enter the search field in the Windows taskbar to start the applications. Click on the result given by Cortana:

In the new window, look for the list of applications to run at startup and find Spotify. Press the button next to it to turn it off:

And there she is! The application does not work at startup, regardless of other settings!

3. How can I avoid a false alarm if I’m on a Mac?

If method #1 doesn’t solve the problem and the application is still running on the Mac, there are two quick ways to prevent the application from opening at startup.

1. The easiest way is to start the application and right-click on it from Doc, then point the mouse to Options and uncheck Open under Login: disable.

2. Or go to System Preferences – Users & Groups – Login Elements and click Spotify in that list. Then just press the minus button underneath the list and you’re done!

Why is Spotify always open after a certain time at startup?

There are usually two reasons for this – the most common being that users just don’t know that they can turn it off or that it’s actually turned on by default. Not everyone is ready to rummage through the application’s settings to see what you can do?

But some Windows updates can also reset some instructions to their default state. So you’ll probably see Spotify at startup, even though it’s been turned off for a while since the Windows update. Some people will simply reset these instructions, and you’ll have to restore them.

Finally, if you uninstall and reinstall an application, there is a good chance that it will be rebooted at startup, simply because the settings are also reset.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter now, because you know how to stop Spotify completely. You have full control over the application and start time.

If you want to know more about the role of this popular music app, we’ve written a guide to easily export Spotify playlists.

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