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Discord is a messaging service designed specifically for gamers. It has many features including a game mode when you are live, not showing personal information, voice chat, emojis and many other useful features for players. It can also be used as a normal chat, even if you are not a player. Setting up your own server is also very easy, and you can download the application or access it through a web browser.

How to report properly on trust and security

In recent years, Discord has become one of the most popular text and voice chat programs for games. This increase means that unsolicited messages are being sent to subs, hackers, scammers and other types of unwanted users. Moreover, some users may even cross the line in a dedicated VoIP application like Discord. What if such a troublesome user crosses the line and violates the server’s instructions? If the violation is very large, you can report these users in case of an anomaly and get rid of them.

Discord users report

There are steps you can take to report that you are being harassed, cheated, teased, threatened or simply abused by people who disagree with you. It may also be that the entire server is involved in malicious activity that violates community rules. To report a user or server in Discord, they had to be in violation of the community guidelines. These guidelines are clear enough to cover the feasibility of most stage events. Here’s what you can do in Discord.

Method 1: You may only report those who violate theDiscord Community rules.

You don’t want to make the mistake of turning someone in who is actually still within the rules of the community. It’s not just rude, it’s a form of harassment, and you’ll likely be punished. Types of activities and posts that the Discord moderators will not tolerate:

  • Chase
  • intellectual property infringement
  • Spam message
  • Spread of the virus
  • Share photos with gory scenes or cruelty to animals
  • Child pornography
  • glorification or advocacy of suicide or death by suicide
  • Threatening another user

If you receive a message that you disagree with and it is not on this list, you should talk to the server moderators first. This allows them to take action, whether it’s talking to the user, firing spammers or banning them from the server. You can mute or block someone for spam or stress so you don’t see their messages.

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If you want to report a post, you should do so before deleting it, because you need to get information from it. We know you don’t want to read/see the unwanted stuff you want to post, but take a look and you have an identity. After a safe message, you can delete the message.

Method 2: Report someone on Discord if you are an admin.

To start the dissent reporting process, Discus needs a link to the user ID, the message that will be delivered to that person, and the server ID. Do not delete the posts of the people you are suing because they are needed as evidence.

If you are a channel administrator, you must perform the following steps:

  • To enable developer mode, go to Settings and Appearance.
  • Right click on the user and select Copy ID for the user ID.
  • Put it in a safe place.
  • Select the three dots to the right of the message you want to report, select the Copy link and paste it in a safe place.
  • Right-click on your server name in the channels list and choose Copy ID.
  • Also, keep it in a safe place.
  • Follow this link and add all the information you need to request the report.
  • The Confidence Discord and security team will review and process your report.

Reporting is the last resort, but sometimes necessary for the most toxic or ruthless server people. As an administrator, you have more tools at your disposal, such as kicks and restrictions. As long as you do not delete the reported messages, you can use them or generate reports.

Method 3: Send your report on Discord

Your final step is to submit a report for reimbursement through the Trust and Security Application Center. Enter your email address, select the type of report from the drop-down list that best fits your situation, enter a subject line, and finally describe the event and enter the three identifiers in the Description field. Send in your report and you take care of the rest.

If you want to kick someone on Discord

If you want to kick someone out of the Discord channel, you have to be an administrator. Once you are an administrator, you can kick or remove a person from the channel. They can become members, but only if you or someone with the proper permissions allows it.

  • Select the appropriate channel in the Discord section.
  • Select a user from the list of users.
  • Right click on their username and select Spades.
  • Select Kick again to confirm.

The kick option includes the name of the user to avoid errors. Once kicked, they are removed from the server and cannot return until you allow them to return. Some users other than the administrator have permission to fire this person. If you suspect this could happen, first add something about your advisors in your channel’s terms of service or talk to your users directly to prevent this from happening.

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If you send a false report about someone’s behavior on Discord. This is considered a violation. As a result, you will receive a penalty. To avoid such punishments. Be careful not to give false information. Instead, go through the potential post multiple times and determine if it truly violates Discord. If you accidentally made a report. Work immediately. So you feel it’s a mistake.


The Discord team will work quickly to clear the report and put things right. If the request is correct, the report will be removed within minutes. Here’s how to report someone in Discord. If you have any problems with this question, please leave a comment. Good luck!

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frequently asked questions

Is there a way to report a discrepancy?


How do you report a disagreement with someone under 13?

If they are under 13, please email [email protected]!

What happens if I report a fault?

If you are reported, you will only receive an email when Discord takes action, for example. B. prohibits or warns you, you will receive an e-mail. If they do nothing, you get nothing. Quora user, the user has built tons of servers in 3 years. You will not receive an email with a message against you.

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