• When you unlock your phone with Boost, you can use it with several other service providers.
  • It unlocks different codes that can be found in different programs.
  • The founder of boost mobile is Peter Adderton, he is based in Australia and founded boost mobile in 2000, after 19 years.
  • Many mobile phones purchased from mobile operators in the United States have a lock on the other operator’s network.
  • Switching to a new provider doesn’t mean you have to give up your old phone and switch to a new one. The easiest way is to unlock your phone to activate and use the challenger’s network.
  • If you’re using a Boost cell phone and you go on a trip where you can’t find a signal for the Boost cell phone, according to research, you don’t have to worry about it.
  • It is the best way to unlock the reinforcement of the mobile phone.
  • All you have to do is decipher the Boost Mobile code to unlock your phone and it can be used on different networks without any problems.
  • Boost Mobile is a subsidiary of Sprint.
  • And phones that are compatible with the Boost Mobile service are the Apple iPhone 5c, Apple iPhone 5s, Apple iPhone 6, Apple iPhone 6 Plus, LG G, LG G2, LG Lotus, etc.

How to unlock an Accelerated Mobile Phone

Unlocking a mobile phone

  • There is no easy way to automatically unlock Boost Mobile.
  • A phone request must be sent to Boost Mobile and a procedure with some instructions must be followed to unlock your phone with the codes.
  • A call to Sprint is also possible, as Boost mobile is company-owned.
  • However, it is preferable to identify the cause of the problems encountered.
  • Boost Mobile also works with Sprint towers, so we can consider that Boost Mobile works on a CDMA network.
  • The best way to unlock cell phone reinforcement is to purchase a cell phone that was originally manufactured by Boost Mobile after 2015, as it meets all the requirements and can be easily unlocked.
  • Only use phones that are compatible with the Boost Mobile service.
  • Boost mobile is known as the largest and leading company for unlocking and selling phones in the market at cheap prices.

There are not so many types of ways to unblock cell phones and boost cell phones, but some are real and simple methods that can be used as the best way to unblock a cell phone.

1. Additional qualification

Boost mobile has defined certain guidelines and requirements needed to unlock your phone.

Features :

  • The phone you want to unlock must be a phone that supports unlocking the internal SIM card or DSU.
  • If your phone is lost, stolen or misplaced, Boost Mobile will not accept requests for that phone.
  • It is important that you have been active with Boost Mobile for 12 months to unlock your phone.


  • Can easily unlock a mobile phone that will be marketed after 2015.
  • They have ways of tackling problems in a very thorough way.
  • They are responsible and can also be held liable for the services provided.
  • Boost Mobile customers are not limited, but unlimited, allowing them to offer their services to perfection.


  • Stolen or lost phones cannot be unlocked.
  • The conditions for participation are mandatory, making the process rigorous.
  • He doesn’t offer his services for free.

2. Unlock phone

Amplified cell phones are also useful for the military because they have to travel a lot, making it difficult to get signals everywhere.

Features :

  • To allow military personnel to unlock their phones with Boost Mobile, proof of deployment is required.
  • They can unblock the increase of the mobile phone at any time and place, depending on the places where they are allowed.
  • They have a powerful database that has access to all phones sold.


  • The military is not required to work with Boost Mobile.
  • You can unlock multiple cell phones that belong to a military account.
  • We don’t spend much time in the army.


  • Only two mobile phones can be activated within a year.
  • The problem of proving commitment every time a team changes locations.
  • Because they are associated with the military, many customers avoid using their services.

3. Excess customers

If the above conditions are met and you are considered a current Boost customer, you can follow a simple and straightforward procedure.

Features :

  • We need to make a call to improve customer service.
  • There you will receive the activation code.
  • Simply enter this code into your phone to unlock it.
  • A SIM card is required for unlocking.


  • Contents
  • This activation process only takes a day.
  • Only their active customers can use their services for a day.
  • Their customers are very loyal to them for the services they provide.


  • You need the SIM card to unlock the phone.
  • To use the Boost Mobile service, you must also have an active internet connection.
  • Unlocking your phone can take 2 to 3 days if you don’t have a payment plan.

4. Customers without subsidies

Customers or users who are not on the promotional list will have to go through a slightly more difficult scenario when unlocking their phone. But it’s not impossible to unlock your phone from Boost, even if you’re not their customer.

Features :

  • They also offer their services for those who have not purchased a mobile phone from Boost.
  • If you do not follow the correct procedure and instructions, the phone will not be unlocked.


  • You must enter the last connected or associated number of your Boost mobile phone.
  • You can easily unlock your mobile phone.
  • Boost customer service will help you with the procedure.


  • For non-traditional clients, this is a time-consuming process.
  • If you do not follow the instructions, Boost will not unlock the phone.
  • If you do not have a number associated with the promotion, you should contact the person from whom you purchased the phone.

5. Free unlock

You must provide this number on request. They also gave a number to check the IMEI in case anyone doesn’t know, which is *#06#.

Features :

  • For this you need the modal number of your phone.
  • Sometimes an origin or country is also required.


  • You can find a list of codes on their websites.
  • This gives you the opportunity to try different types of codes when unlocking.
  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Their process is very long and time consuming.
  • An active internet connection is required to unlock it for free.
  • Their services are not free.

6. Tricksteel

This software can be used to unlock many types of mobile phones. Mobile devices such as Panasonic, Vitel, LG, Maxon, Siemens and AEG can be easily unlocked with this software.

Features :

  • This software also uses the IMEI number to unlock mobile phones.
  • Codes are generated that the user must enter to confirm the unlocking of their mobile phone.
  • Certain procedures must be followed.


  • Trycktill is very useful for unlocking mobile phones.
  • It is free and requires no payment.
  • Simple and user-friendly website.
  • You don’t need any personal information.


  • Limited to certain mobile phones, cannot be used by all mobile phones.
  • Agreements that take time should be adopted.

7. Nokia Free

It is a very efficient software that does not incur any cost, the user just needs to install the application that he or she has entered and people can easily unlock their phones.

Features :

  • No special conditions are attached to this request.
  • You need an origin or country and a modal connection to your phone.


  • It is free for all Nokia users.
  • They help unlock the phone so that the user can easily switch to other networks.
  • You don’t have much time for the procedure.


  • This Nokia freeware cannot be used on other mobile phones.
  • Your customer service is a little late.

8. Using an external power supply

If you can’t use Boost Mobile to unlock your phone, another option is to use a third-party service that will help you unlock your phone.

Features :

  • Third parties are the best option to replace the Boost mobile.
  • So you can have a different business network in less than a day.


  • It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • They can help you unlock your phone.
  • They are considered as the best unlocking software for users.


  • It’s not free.
  • It is a short but very detailed process.

Why should I choose this unlocking method?

  1. The above methods are the best solution to unlock your mobile phone and provide you with phones that are compatible with the Boost Mobile service,
  2. This software not only unlocks Android phones, but also iPhones.
  3. The most compatible in the mobile iPhone is the unlocking of the iPhone 6 gain.
  4. With this software you will save the cost of different types of networks.
  5. Many mobile operators do not support this software to unlock phones, and LG is one of them. LG users will therefore find it difficult to unlock their phone if they get stuck somewhere or if there is an incident.


Users should use this software to get rid of the annoying and irritating policies of their mobile operators. This process has been legalized worldwide to improve the environment and society. Millions of people love this software because it helps thousands of people around the world.

Rest assured, if you have the above software, you have nothing to worry about. Think about how to unlock LG mobile phone amplification and iPhone 6 mobile phone amplification, which can be turned into reality from your head. Unlocking phones for military use is most rewarding for the country and its people. It can help the country’s military to go to any of the new locations where they can easily connect with their commander and complete their mission without any problems.

The main issue to address is the difference between CDMA and GSM. The compatibility of the phone with the Boost Mobile service is also CDMA, which uses these types of numeric numbers that are pre-installed in the mobile phone and require no other source. And a second GSM network that relies heavily on the SIM card to select different types of users. After doing some research and listening to people’s reactions and comments, the final answer was that GSM networks are the easiest to use because it is not difficult to remove the SIM card. All devices compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile cell phones can be used very easily on virtually all GSM and CDMA networks.

If you are having problems unlocking your mobile phone, I think the information in the above software is the absolute answer to your problems. So use these unlock programs to make your life easy regardless of its drawbacks, these unlock programs can be really useful and make sure you have a good time.

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