Believe it or not, you don’t need to output audio on a single Windows computer. It is possible to connect multiple speakers or headphones via Windows 10. Yeah, you’re right. In this article we explain how you can share two headphones on Windows 10.

How do I connect two headphones to my PC and how do I use them?

The following sections are included in a note to help you find details on connecting two sets of headphones to enable stereo mixing when playing audio from certain applications on two computers. Windows 10 only plays sound on one computer. Therefore, even if you have multiple headphones or speakers connected at the same time, you can only transfer sound to one device.

Everyone in your home prefers to listen to a melodious song on your laptop or console. What if they all want to listen to music through headphones? If you only have one voice output device, the problem becomes even worse. You have nothing to worry about. Windows 10 allows you to connect multiple audio devices at the same time. So you can enjoy headphone and speaker entertainment just like the rest of the world.

Steps for connecting two headsets in Windows 10

Let’s start with our guide on how to get 2 audio outputs at the same time on Windows 10.

Method- 1: Stereo Trigger Mix

Enabling Stereo Mix is the first way to use two headsets at the same time in Windows 10. For example, it’s turned off. However, to set up Stereo Mix to play sound from two devices at the same time, you need to follow a few simple steps.

  • Step one: Connect the headphones, speakers or any other sound system you want to use. Make sure they are properly bound before proceeding to the second step.
  • Phase two: Right-click in the device area for the volume or speaker.
  • Phase three: A dialog box opens with five options. To access the sound parameters, mainly click on the sound options by typing mmsys.CPL in the search bar.
  • Phase 4: There are four different options under Sound settings. You must click on Replay at the top of the page. Below you will find all relevant audio devices. Right-click on Speakers to set the default settings. If the default device selection is gray or absent, the speaker is already the default device.
  • Phase 5: Now click on the Recording tab in the audio settings.
  • Phase 6: In the Recording tab, right-click anywhere and you will be given two options. Tap the option to view devices with disabilities. You can also see Stereo Mix in the recording section after clicking on the tab.
  • Phase 7: Right-click and select Properties, mainly Stereo Mix or Microphone.
  • Phase 8: You now have four options to click on the Listen tab. Select Listen on this computer. You can view the display with this drop-down list using this system option. Select your microphone from the menu. To use the two headphones on the page
  • Phase 9: Clicking the Send button is the final step.

On Windows 10, users have been able to allow two headsets or two speakers. If you are also looking for 2 USB headsets on a PC, the procedure is exactly the same. Last but not least, set up your speakers as the standard means of communication. Anything else, you couldn’t play music with headphones and speakers at the same time.

Method – 2: Downloading audio files from certain applications to two computers

Setting up playback devices for such applications is another way to use two USB headsets, even on a Windows 10 PC. For example, you can change the speaker or earphone to Skype-only. You can also use the speaker to stream music via Firefox or the Google Chrome Movie And TV application, and to stream audio via headphones. For simplicity, a dual headphone or any Windows 10 based playback system can provide alternative audio levels for individual applications.

  • Phase one: Right-click on the speaker icon in the taskbar, also on the left.
  • Phase two: Click on the Open sound settings option.
  • Phase three: Open the advanced options by tapping the volume and custom application settings.
  • Phase 4: A tabbed window will appear showing most of your open applications. Find the application for which you want to configure the playback system. You may also see a Performance drop-down menu next to it.
  • Phase 5: All connected devices are displayed in the Power drop-down menu. For this specific program, select the program you want to use.

Don’t forget that the playback tools you choose for the application are automatically saved in Windows 10. This is why sound is always transmitted to the stored earphones or loudspeakers when the program is opened. For example, if you choose an application playback system or alternative applications, you may be able to use two headsets under Windows 10.

METHOD– 3: Use of framing agents

According to several points, this method is for those who want to connect headphones without a splitter. However, this may not work. However, some users may replace the input device with a reader. This means that in principle you should be able to talk to the various reading devices at the same time and without any problems. Note, however, that the headphones are not perfectly synchronous and there will be a slight pause on the second playback device (and in this case the headphones). Here’s how to enable two USB headsets together in Windows 10 using the device settings:

  • Right-click the sound icon in the system tray and open Sounds.
  • Click the Play tab and select the first headset as the default playback device.
  • Now switch to the Registration tab.
  • Right-click and select Show Disabled Devices in the empty area.
  • Right click and launch Stereo Mix. Only install the latest Realtek drivers and codecs if you can’t find them.
  • Double-click on Stereo Mix to open Assets.
  • Click on the Listen tab under Properties.
  • Check the Attention for this device box and select your second pair of headphones from the drop-down list.

Method – 4: Using a USB splitter to connect two headsets to a PC

Sometimes one application is not enough to use two headphones on the same computer. This is where, for example, the hardware comes into the picture. B. a USB earphone splitter. USB switches come in different shapes for both USB devices and audio connections. These devices are cheap, especially if you’re not that good technically, and can save you the frustration of having to go through all the procedures. Expensive versions are also available, but an inexpensive USB splitter is suitable for the occasional user who needs two earphones.

However, you can try both methods if you do not need a USB headset splitter. You also don’t need a splitter or even a Bluetooth converter when using two sets of headsets, whether wired or via Bluetooth. Simply choose as your Mac output multi-output system. However, if you use more than two devices, this option is available via a splitter or even a Bluetooth adapter.


  • Connect additional ports to your Mac.
  • Easy installation for plug-and-play


  • Buying and keeping the distributor
  • It’s not a big waste of money considering the built-in Mac options.

Especially if you don’t have a socket or splitter and you want to know how to run two headsets on the same computer? Your car is equipped with a headphone jack and you want to add an extra gadget. Don’t worry, listen to these steps without disturbing anyone and enjoy the comfort of the soundscape.

  • First connect one of the headphones to the connector on the display.
  • Go to the power button and then to the settings menu to get the Tone option.
  • Go to the Control Devices tab and change the speaker setup in Headphones.

Your default settings are currently optimized for headphones. If necessary, they can bring it to a normal state. You can now connect another headset to the computer port. You are not ready to enjoy your friends’ music, movies or games without disturbing the silence of your home.

Method– 5: Buy Bluetooth adapter

With the Bluetooth adapter, you can listen to up to 7 Bluetooth devices on your PC. Connect the device to one of the USB ports and follow the installation instructions. When your computer recognizes it, the adapter turns on to let you know that your earphone is connected.


  • Using two or more Bluetooth headsets to listen
  • Long distance, usually up to 10 meters.
  • The only reason to use 2 Windows bluetooth headsets.


  • Including the purchase of
  • The first installation with process equipment can be complex.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I use two earphones at the same time on a PC?

Using a headphone splitter is the best way to use two headphones on a PC or Mac. So you can use the mini-stereo and USB port to connect two or more in-car headphones and distribute the sound evenly between the two devices. Make sure your device allows the use of two earphones if you do not purchase an earphone splitter.

2. How do I pause the sound on my computer?

Right-click on the speaker icon toolbar and select Sounds. Select the Playback tab as shown in the following figure. Then select the audio playback system for the main speakers and click Set as Normal. It’s one of two audio players.

3. Can I connect two Bluetooth headsets to my phone?

You can connect almost any Bluetooth (BT) headset to multiple devices. This combination means that the headset and the device can recognize and connect with each other. Although the vast majority of LV headsets can only be connected to a paired device at the same time. In this way, two Bluetooth headsets can be linked.


So you don’t have to worry about connecting two headsets to your computer. You can already use two headphones as a pro, no matter what gadget you use! Let’s say this includes watching a movie or listening to a song if it’s with someone else, or even using different headphones for different activities. In this case, you must protect yourself with the help of this guide. Whether or not you have followed the steps above, we assume that you have managed to connect two headphones for almost all your needs.

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