Computer network security includes the policies, strategies or procedures implemented by network administrators to monitor and prevent any type of data breach, data theft, cyber attack or misuse of valuable information. This includes the availability of authorised data on the network, which is also controlled and monitored by the Network Manager. The network administrator assigns IDs and passwords to users to access programs and data. This includes both private and public networks. If it is private, it means that it is within the organization and can remain open to the public. You can search for information about cybersecurity courses on the site, pile of the cyber diploma.

The network security mechanism of a computer system covers all aspects of the network, from the desktop to other devices. An approach to network security that is not only layered and multidimensional for companies, delivers excellent results in the fight against external and internal cyber threats. If your network consists of only one computer system, a single router with a built-in firewall is sufficient to ensure network security. For a large network it is preferable to have a special firewall on your network circuit. Many effective network firewalls provide a secure VPN connection. The most important functions of firewalls are analyzing, disrupting and reporting malicious networks.

What is network monitoring?

Network monitoring is an important IT process in which network components such as routers, firewalls, switches, servers and virtual machines are continuously monitored for performance, errors and security breaches. The most important aspect of network monitoring is proactivity. Important areas of network monitoring :

  • Follow-up of important aspects
  • Optimizing the monitoring holes
  • Choosing the right protocol
  • Setting thresholds

Key areas of digital security monitoring

  1. Degree of containment: By preventing hackers from compromising the security of the network, costly damage to the organisation is limited.
  2. Prevention:Implementation of advanced methods to prevent illegal access to the network. Providing special access, updating security systems and using a communication mechanism protects against security breaches.
  3. Recognition: System access logging prevents unauthorized access to the network and can record the time and use of what has been done wrong.
  4. Troubleshooting: An effective safety system is robust enough to measure known and recurrent safety deficiencies.
  5. Modification:This attack simply redirects the data of a specific user.

Cyber security and computer skills

The Cyber Training Center is one of the fastest growing cyber security training sites on the Internet. It is one of the places where candidates for a cybersecurity study have the opportunity, in addition to practical learning experiences, to come into contact with an elitist community of cybersecurity experts, educators and leaders. Practice-oriented learning experiences are more engaging and rewarding when professionals are exposed to real-world concepts and skills that will pave the way to success. See the Cyber Hub for details. Computer network security systems that analysts use to manage both active and passive cyber attacks. Active attacks disrupt the functioning of the system and may include the following:

  • Reply to
  • Masquerade
  • denial of service
  • Modification

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