The new safety test + SY0-601, which has just been published on 12. Published on 11 November 2020, it focuses on the latest developments in cyber security and provides IT professionals with the knowledge they need to

  • Assessment of the security status of the business environment, recommendation and implementation of appropriate security solutions.
  • Monitor and secure hybrid environments, including cloud, mobile and the Internet of Things.
  • operate in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, including management principles, risk and compliance requirements
  • Identification, analysis and reaction to safety events and incidents.

(CompTIA safety +, n.A.)

The difference between 501 and 601

SY0-601 contains fewer research areas than SY0-501. Instead of six areas, there are currently five areas related to implementation, operations and incident response. Now there is more supervision in terms of architecture and design, but also in terms of attacks, threats and vulnerabilities. For a complete list of domain changes, see below:

Safety + SY0-501 Test areas Safety + SY0-601 Test areas
Threats, attacks and vulnerabilities : 21% Attacks, threats and vulnerabilities: 24%
Technology and tools : 22% Architecture and design : 21%
Architecture and design : 15% Execution : 25%
Identification and access control : 16% Operation and Incident Response : 16%
Risk Management : 14% Management, risk and compliance : 14%
Cryptography and ICP : 12%  

Comparison of safety areas

(Lane, 2020).

SY0-601 also has fewer control objectives. 501 has a control objective of 37, while 601 has only 35.

Test layout

The format of the SY0-601 control corresponds to the format of the SY0-501 control. Specific details, as you can see below:

Number of questions : 90
Types of questions : Multiple choice and performance based on
The duration of the test: 90 minutes
Crossing : 750
Test delivery : Pearson Vu
The price of the exam: $349

SY0-601 Exemption format

It is recommended that IT professionals wishing to write the exam should have at least two years of IT experience and work experience in the Network + Certification program. After passing the exam, the certificate is valid for three years.

Why do you have to take the exam?

CompTIA Security + certification provides fundamental knowledge that demonstrates that certificate holders have the practical experience and core competencies needed to perform their cyber security tasks and prevent security threats. As a result, there is a great demand for CompTIA Security+ certification and the market for cyber security is constantly growing. According to an article about CBT Nuggets, the market is expected to grow by 170 billion by 2022……. (Zomaya, 2019).

The certification is also vendor-neutral, which means it is universal and allows you to work with a wider range of tools and in different areas of expertise. Holders of the security certificate + certification can apply for positions as security administrator or system administrator. However, you can also work in professions that require basic security skills, such as IT auditor, software developer and IT project manager. Obtaining Safety + certification puts professionals on the road to a more advanced career, such as a safety engineer or forensic expert. Security and certification professionals earn an average of $75,391 a year. (Reward scale, 2020).

In addition, the Security + certification has been recognized by the Department of Defense (DoD) as the 8570.01-M Core Certification, confirming that cyber security professionals have acquired the knowledge necessary to provide organizations with world-class IT expertise. The certification also complies with international technological standards and is therefore in accordance with ISO 17024. (bodies for the certification of persons).

Preparation for Phoenix TS

If you want to take the SY0-601, Phoenix TS will help you prepare. Phoenix TS offers a 5-day training led by a Security+ instructor that will give you the skills and knowledge needed to pass the CompTIA Security+ certification exam.  Participants learn how to secure the network, identify and mitigate risks and manage access control. This course covers the following objectives:

  • Assessment of the position of cyber security in the business environment.
  • Recommendation and implementation of appropriate cyber security solutions
  • Monitoring and safe hybrid environments
  • Work in compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Identification, analysis and response to cyber security events and incidents.

In addition to the Security+ SY0-601 certification course, Phoenix TS also offers the following CompTIA courses to keep you up to date on cyber security throughout your career:

For more information, visit or call 240,667,7757.

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