Many companies have switched to online systems, from the self-employed to large companies. Today, they are moving from switching to other purchases, to fast-paced technology. But although it is difficult to do without paper, there are traditional activities that are systematically carried out digitally.

We use a fax machine for sending and copying the necessary documents and for transmission over the telephone line. And now fax systems are digitally available on the Internet.

Internet faxing is a system that converts received faxes into e-mails and sent faxes into faxes. You can share any document that can be attached to an email as an online fax, including scanned photos, PDF files, and Microsoft records.

Send Faxes Online to Make Your Work Easier

CocoFax: Best Online Fax Service Provider to streamline your workflow

CocoFax is one of the most promising and efficient providers of fax services. The company offers secure fax communication protected by a high level of encrypted data. CocoFax is used internationally in more than 190 countries and has been covered by major media outlets such as The New York Times, BuzzFeed and TechAdvisor.

The site is completely confidential, which means that you do not have to constantly fear that your faxes will be abused. CocoFax is indeed HIPAA compliant, which means that it can and is used in different organizations.

Is this how you can send or receive faxes via CocoFax?

To receive or send a fax online via CocoFax, please read this message. All you have to do is obtain a fax number online by registering on the official CocoFax website. With this fax number, you can send or receive faxes electronically from virtually anywhere in the world.

Subscribe at CocoFax. Select the country and region to generate the fax number. You can use this fax number to receive or send faxes anytime, anywhere.

Please note that KokoFax offers you a 30-day free trial subscription. During these 30 days you can use all the functions of CocoFax. However, at the end of the trial period, you must purchase a subscription in order to continue to use the services.

How do I send a fax with CocoFax?

Follow the instructions below to send a fax immediately if you are using a laptop or Windows tablet to send a free fax:

  1. Log in to your CocoFax account. Click on the button Create new fax. Enter the recipient’s fax number in the On section. Now, when it comes to the body, write the details of the documents, if there are any. Please note that this section is optional if you have nothing to write.
  2. To enter the documents you want to fax from the machine, click Add File.
  3. Click on Send and your fax will be sent immediately.
  4. You can insert an extra cover page, schedule the delivery of the fax at a later time and much more.

Send Faxes Online to Make Your Work Easier

How do I receive faxes via CocoFax?

Getting a fax is easy with CocoFax. All received faxes on your CocoFax number go directly to your mailbox. Just go to your dashboard and click on your inbox.

How can sending a fax online via CocoFax make your work easier?

If you are one of those people who often send and receive faxes and are dedicated to an old fax machine, here are some of the benefits and advantages of online faxing:

Convenience and ease of access

With an online fax machine like CocoFax you can easily send and receive faxes from anywhere in the world. No fax machine, paper or toner ink is needed. You can also send e-mails, sign and/or retrieve the necessary documents from your mobile phone via mobile devices.

Respect for the environment

Not only can you save time and office space by faxing, but you can also use the Internet fax ecosystem. Digital operation eliminates the use of paper and allows you to archive past faxes so you don’t have to print a file for future documents.

Simple storage

There is usually a bulky fax machine on a desk or counter. When sending faxes online, this problem is significantly reduced because you only need a valid email address, an active Internet connection and a device. You don’t need an old computer to fill your office or storage space.

Workflow optimization

Reducing floor space, eliminating waste and increasing storage volume means one thing above all: improving structure and workflow. The risk of losing confidential documents, destroying files or not receiving a fax is automatically reduced when you say goodbye with a traditional fax machine.

Digital faxing allows users to store all faxes sent and received online. So instead of searching through paper rolls when you’re looking for a specific file or fax, download the faxes directly to your computer or tablet.

High-frequency protection

Safety is a major concern for companies today. In particular, several companies have invested in cloud data storage and fax communication over the Internet to meet new security requirements, such as in the healthcare sector.

Faxing over the Internet is verified, so fax and document management activities simply update the security level. This ensures that the documents you share are protected and cannot be viewed by third parties.

Send Faxes Online to Make Your Work Easier


There is no doubt that online faxing makes ordinary and somewhat outdated fax machines, which take up a lot of office space in modern times, superfluous. Sending faxes online dramatically improves usability, privacy, coordination and productivity and is incredibly convenient.

Are you ready to switch to Internet fax providers and send faxes online? CocoFax is the easiest way to get started if you are looking for a safe and reliable fax service. For today’s businesses, this means not only streamlining faxing, but also saving time and costs.

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