The best Service Marketplace theme in 2021 will be one that provides an optimal user experience. To help you save time and money, we’re going to look at some of the best Service Marketplace themes available today and outline some of the different features they offer. For example, one theme might have a customized homepage and blog, while another has a robust service listing and booking options. We’ll also take a look at the different features and add-ons that make some themes more desirable than others. And finally, we’ll give you tips on how to choose the best theme for your business.

The Best Service Marketplace Theme In 2021? How do you choose a theme for your next service marketplace project? Choosing the right theme can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful project, so you’ll want to choose wisely. One of the biggest challenges is finding a theme that allows you to do everything you want with minimal customization. (more context) Planning your own Blog Posts You should have a clear idea of what kind of content you are going to create to achieve your goals. How much planning you need will depend on various factors, such as the complexity of your goals and the amount of content required. For example, if you are planning on writing a number of short-form pieces, such as blog posts or tweets, you might

Do you want to create a task market like TaskRabbit, Airtasker or Thumbtack?

This is a great idea! In just ten years, TaskRabbit has helped 148,000 people improve their income and skills. Airtasker creates more than 1.4 million jobs per year. And Thumbtack is doing its part to help local professionals find work.

ExpertHive is a clean, modern WordPress theme that makes it easy to launch your own on-demand task marketplace – one that offers similar experiences and functionality to those task sites.

The developers of the theme claim that it already comes with all the features you need to create an on-demand services marketplace, so you don’t need to buy anything else to get your site up and running. We were curious to try it ourselves.

Is ExpertHive as perfect as its creators claim? Does it offer a deal with all the options you need? Can it really help me to create a website like TaskRabbit?

We answer these questions and more in this comprehensive review of ExpertHive.

Review of the market for on-demand services Theme ExpertHive

ExpertHive is a lightweight yet feature-rich WordPress theme for creating a two-page marketplace of services. This allows you to create a website where buyers can post their searches and sellers can offer their services. The theme is based on HivePress, a versatile directory plugin already used on over 3,000 active WordPress sites.

The important features are as follows:

  • Requests and offers to make it easier for clients to post their requests and for professionals to list the services they offer.
  • Commissions and payments to set the default commission rate and payment threshold for artists and experts.
  • Messages and reviews for customers to communicate with contractors and leave feedback on their performance.
  • Custom fields and categories that allow you to easily customize the marketplace to your needs.
  • Integration with WooCommerce helps you process payments.

And much more.

In addition, you can use any free or paid add-ons available for HivePress to expand the functionality of your marketplace.

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Unlike other themes, ExpertHive doesn’t require you to download expensive third-party extensions or plugins. You can combine different HivePress extensions to create a niche marketplace with unique features.

A lifetime license for a single ExpertHive user costs $79. The purchase also includes 12 months of premium support, automatic updates and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For this review, we bought ExpertHive to give you an idea of what it can do.
Easy installation and useful plugins

ExpertHive installs like any other premium WordPress theme. Just go to your WordPress control panel, select Appearance > Themes, click Add New > Download Theme, then select the ZIP file.

Once ExpertHive is installed and activated, you will be prompted to install a number of plugins such as HivePress Blocks and HivePress Messages. We installed all of them because they have to complete the construction process on site.

And to make it even easier, the developers at ExpertHive have included a screencast that shows you how to import your demo content. While you can start developing your marketplace from scratch, we recommend using pre-built content to make your site look like the ExpertHive demo.

ExpertHive offers the use of a free one-click plugin to import the demo data. After installation, go to Appearance > Import Demo Data, and then click on Import Demo Data, as shown in the screenshot below.

Location parameters

As a modern theme, ExpertHive is fully compatible with the WordPress block editor and customizer. Do you know what that means? This means you can customize everything with drag and drop and using the familiar WordPress blocks. In addition, anything you change will be reflected in the external interface of the website.

With the WordPress customizer, you can change fonts, change primary colors and background images, customize menus, etc.

In addition, ExpertHive allows you to create your own layouts depending on the functionality and purpose of the page. You can do this by adding a new page in the WordPress backend. By default, the theme offers the following blocks:

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  • See
  • List categories
  • User registration form
  • Suppliers
  • Search form for suppliers
  • Requests
  • Research request form
  • Registration Tags
  • Reviews

ExpertHive also provides shortcodes for those who use the classic TinyMCE editor. They allow you to better control the design of your website. If you are an advanced user, you can customize ExpertHive directly from CSS.

Market characteristics

While ExpertHive’s customization options are excellent, it’s the marketplace and tile-matching features that really set it apart.

For example, ExpertHive and HivePress plugins together offer you:


Allows any registered user to list their specific services and ads on the homepage and add, edit or delete existing ad categories.

The Paid Listings extension allows you to create and sell different ad packages with different options, so professionals can choose the best option to post their services.


Manage individual expert profiles, including adding new custom fields and search filters (such as location).


Allow customers to create their own requests with additional details such as budget, due date and time interval. You can also add custom fields and search filters in the same way as for ads or sellers.


Give buyers and experts a chance to communicate with each other.


Give experts the ability to create category-based tags to help buyers find relevant listings.


Give customers the ability to compile a list of their favorite offers, so they keep coming back and ordering services from the same providers.

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Present expert testimonials to increase the credibility of your market.


ExpertHive integrates with WooCommerce for payment processing and order management. So you can use all the payment gateways available for WooCommerce.

There are other free and paid extensions for ExpertHive, but these nine extensions should be enough to implement the main features of the marketplace on your site.

Fees and commissions

One of the best features of ExpertHive is that you can apply a standard commission rate. You can set a general commission rate for all professionals or offer slightly higher commissions to those who do well. You can also charge your clients a flat fee for the services of each professional.

In addition, the theme gives you the ability to receive payment requests from artists at any time. It is also possible to set a minimum threshold if you prefer this method. With the threshold, experts must reach a minimum amount before they can claim their profits.

Actual appearance

ExpertHive’s extensions and features are undoubtedly impressive, but can the same be said about its appearance? You betcha. ExpertHive also does a good job on aesthetics.


On the homepage, visitors are invited to search by keyword. It also contains a list of the categories of services for which experts are currently available, as well as a list of the most reliable and qualified experts. At the top of the page are links to the services, questions and experts pages, as well as buttons to list services and questions. Remember that you can easily change this layout and the menu items or even create your own layout from scratch.

We also appreciate the presence of a block/section that explains how the website works. You can customize them however you like, but the default headers are very useful.

Services Page

The services list page shows all available services with page sorting and different sorting options. You’ll also find some handy filters on the left, as well as the ability to search by category, send personal messages or bookmark ads.

Clicking on an ad opens the expert’s profile with more detailed information about his services. Buyers can respond to the listing, view ratings and expert reviews, and see related listings from other sellers.

request page

The Requests page is designed to make it easier for people to submit their own requests. Interested professionals can view these applications and submit a proposal. Buyers can see listings from multiple sellers and view each seller’s profile.

When they click on View Profile, they are taken to the seller’s page where they can view the seller’s listings, contact the seller directly, or view all available information about the seller.

Publication of application page

There is a special form on this page that buyers can use to submit new applications. There is a field for the title, budget, due date, time interval and description. You can also add custom fields based on your market niche and requirements. After filling in this information, buyers can click on the Submit Request button to realize the service listing.

List of services page

This page allows professionals to create a service ad in one of the suggested categories. The expert simply clicks on the relevant category and enters the required data on the next page.

There are fields for title, hourly rate, availability, warranty, tags and description. As the administrator of a marketplace, you can also customize the fields on this form to match the niche of your marketplace. After completing the ad, the seller can click the Submit Ad button to publish the ad on the site. Buyers can view and respond to the ad.

Community and customer services

ExpertHive, created by the creators of the open source plugin, has a helpful community of site owners who share their ideas and show what they’ve created with this theme.

Customers also benefit from a year of industry-leading support, directly from the developers – people who know their stuff and can solve any problem in the most efficient way.

You can ask for support via email or via the community forum, where other marketplace operators also communicate.

Final thoughts

That’s all you need to know about ExpertHive and what it has to offer.

With the on-demand economy growing at an unprecedented rate and expected to continue to grow, it’s the perfect time to create a services marketplace to connect problem solvers with service seekers. But instead of building everything from scratch, you can simply use ExpertHive to create your own two-way services marketplace.

For just $79, ExpertHive offers a complete on-demand marketplace site in a box, with video tutorials and support that simplify the entire setup process.

Try it. Who knows, you might end up with the next killer p2p service site.

Try ExpertHive

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about freelance marketplace wordpress theme and let us know what you think.

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