Using Web Scraping Tools for Efficiency

The Big Data market is growing all the time. Data has become a new currency in the business world, feeding the work of machines and helping people make decisions.

The right information can give your company a proactive advantage over your competitors.

This data can improve your advertising strategy and help you adapt your company’s user interface.

Not surprisingly, the Big Data market has grown from $122 billion in 2015 to $189 billion in 2019.

According to IDC’s data, the market will be worth more than USD 274 billion by 2022. Companies that rely heavily on data are offered data visualization and business intelligence platforms and integrate them into large technology companies.

For example, Google bought Cloud Looker for $2.6 billion, while Salesforce paid as much as $15.7 billion for its interactive data visualization platform Tableau.

Salesforce and Google will both machine learning and integrate artificial intelligence algorithms to improve data collection.

Your company can also use the data using a web scraping tool.

What is a windscreen wiper?

Many entrepreneurs dream of having access to vast amounts of knowledge via the internet, but lack the skills and tools to do so.

Those who are familiar with scraping websites are also confronted with a variety of obstacles that web scrapers encounter when collecting data.

Moreover, the maintenance of scraping tools is not easy because websites are in a phase of continuous structural change. Web Scrubbing is a tool that enables an automated online data collection process.

These tools allow you to search, index, scrape and load large amounts of data in an easy-to-read file format such as .CSV. You can visit the Oxylabs site to learn more about web scraping tools and how to use them.

You can also save files from the database in formats such as JSON files. You can analyze the uploaded data for a good understanding of the company.

Web Scraping provides a more accurate, efficient and faster method of accessing data than traditional copying and pasting.

How does scraping work?

Web scraping tools can collect various forms of data, such as e-mail addresses, images, text, videos or phone numbers, as needed.

Your webscraper can be specifically designed to scrape domain-specific information such as property lists, financial data, headlines, prices, reviews or competitor data.

These bots have a variety of programs to guide them in their activities. One of the most common methods to scrape the cloth:

  1. The bot requests specific information from the target URL, then accesses that URL and downloads the HTML information from the website.
  2. Webscrapers can also analyze information on the website to extract relevant data such as page names, headers, links or paragraphs from the pages of the website.
  3. The scraperbot loads bouncing data and stores it in a readable format or in a database.

Is web scraping legal?

The legitimacy of scraping the canvas has always been a controversial issue. First of all, it is important to note that search engines are very dependent on scraping data.

So it’s not a new concept. For example, Google collects data to create its huge database of websites from all over the world.

There are tons of companies that also collect business data to create profitable databases. Since Google has to collect a website for indexing purposes, most websites allow Google robots to view it.

Some sites categorically prohibit scraping off with reference to copyright laws and treaties or copyright infringement.

However, the U.S. Court of Appeal has put an end to this problem by allowing the analysis company HiQ to remove public data from LinkedIn. The Court’s decision sets a precedent that the refusal of publicly available information is a fair practice.

However, there are forms of web scraping that can lead to legal problems in your business. Exhausted data is not intended for unlimited commercial use.

Also, you cannot reuse raw, copyright-protected data or remove information from websites with authentication measures.

Despite the legality of the rejection of data, websites have taken measures to limit this process. Below are some ways to effectively scrape data despite the obstacles.

Cleaning efficiency

  • Since websites often change their user interface, you need to make sure your webscraper receives constant changes and updates to ensure effective deletion.
  • Some sites use mirror traps to prevent robots from being demolished. These traps detect the scraper tool and block the IP address of the scraper. In order to prevent this phenomenon, the depth of passage of medical devices must be limited.
  • Use high-quality scrapers on websites that have various scratch-resistant measures, such as the CAPTCHA.
  • Make sure that the webscraper you have selected after downloading contains accurate and error-free data.


Web scraping can provide a wealth of useful business data that can help with price monitoring, lead generation, competitive analysis and other forms of market research. Use a website scraping tool from a reputable supplier to provide an accurate, fast and efficient scraping process for your business.

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